Vodka Based
Name Ingredients
Affair Strawberry
Hairy Navel Peach Schnapps
Wild Screw With Jim Beam
Fire Starter Soft fruits & Cola
Banana Boomer Bursting with Banana
Moscow Mule Ginger Ale & Lime Twist

Gin Based
Name Ingredients
Joan Collins Lemon based
Slow Screw Sloe Gin
Thundering Typhoon With Citrus

Whiskey Based
Name Ingredients
Fine & Dandy Canadian Whiskey
Mithering Bastard Flavourful
Shamrock Tia Maria and Baileys
Between the Sheets Rum, Brandy & fruit juice

Rum/Bacardi Based
Name Ingredients
Banana Colada Classic Colada with a banana twist
Blue Margarhita Classic Margharita with a new look and taste
Dutch Turbo Rum based with a tropical flavour
Hot Snowball An Advocaat classic with a Rum kick
Irish Al-Quaida Creamy with chocolate/nut flavours

Light & Fresh
Name Ingredients
BLT Bacardi Lemon & Ice Tea
Fat Frog A mix of Alcopops
Pink Pussy Campari based
43 Ole With a Licor 43 base
Fat Hooker Vodka Malibu and fruit
Cheeky Vimto Fruity with Port

Strong & Straight UP!
Name Ingredients
Hanky Panky Gin base
Perfect Rob Roy Straight with Whiskey
The Clap Rum and Whiskey
Trinity All whiter than white
Irish Comfort Southern Comfort based

Name Ingredients
The Lizzy Dedicated to Anke, Creamy, Dreamy & Nutty
Snowball An Advocaat classic
Honeymoon Vodka based and creamy
Nutty Irishman Baileys and nut flavoured like any TRUE Irishman!
China White Vodka & Baileys Cool and creamy
Ramos Gin Fizz Gin, Lemon & Soda

Name Ingredients
Bloody Mary Vodka and Tomato juice
Black or White Russian Vodka & Tia Maria
Caipirinha Rum & lime
Harvey Wallbanger A classic with Vodka & Galliano
Long Island Iced Tea White spirits ie Vodka, Gin & cola
Mai Tai A cult cocktail, with Rum and juices
Margarhita Tequila & lime
Mojito cocktail Rum, lime and mint
Rusty Nail An old favourite, with Whiskey
Scarlett O'Hara Another classic with Southern Comfort
Sex on the Beach A classic light , fruity Vodkas based cocktail
Tequila Sunrise A popular tequila based cocktail
Woo Woo A vodka based drink
Virgin Cocktails Secret blends of fresh juices & flavours Price may vary dependent size/blend

After 8
Baby Guinness
Bottom Bouncer
Brain Haemorrage
Bulldog Sucking a Lemon
Cherry Apple
Green Eyes
Irish Catholic
Irish Gold
Knicker Dropper Glory
Nutty Irishman
Pan Galactic Gargle Buster
Panty Burner
Squashed frog
Blue Wanker
Burning Motherfuckers